Original Air Date: 02/24/1979
Levine; Giacomini, Scotto, Milnes, Horne, Ghiaurov, Morris
This is Levine’s first year conducting Don Carlo, and in its full five act format. I don’t think Horne works very well at all, and some of the phrases press Scotto very hard. The men are solid, though it’s not my favorite Posa. Ghiaurov is caught well past his best, Horne is miscast, Scotto is overparted, and Giacomini rather monochrone in his first Met season. Morris is one of the younger Inquisitors, and certainly gala casting for the Celestial Voice from Leona Mitchell. What is a surprise is that Don Carlo which is one of Levine’s most frequent assignments (60 performances) and a Met record for the opera, but the only Levine performances listed in MOoD is the atreamed audio from 2006 with Racette and Botha, and neither of the videos — the first with Freni, the second with Scotto (with Moldoveanu and Troyanos) which have been available on DVD have made it to MOoD. Whatever the limitations of individual performers, this is a full voiced line-up.

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