Original Air Date: 04/11/1953
Stiedry; Sullivan, Steber, Harshaw, Björling, Ernster
I prefer Steber at Bayreuth, but this is a very decent performance. There are two strange omissions in modern Met broadcast Lohengrins: the 1967 new production with Bjoner, Ludwig, Konya, Berry, Milnes (very well cast!) under Bohm and even more inexplicable the 1985 with Tomowa-Sintow, Marton, Domingo. Very unusual for a Domingo assumption to go undocumented, and T-S and Marton are a fabulous combination. I find the best of Lohengrin as great as anything Wagner ever wrote. Two years later Uhde and Edelmann now anchor the bass clef, and Steber after her summer at Bayreuth is much more to the task. The 1955 revival is on MOoD and is more strongly recommended. Sigurd Bjorling (no relation to Jussi) has one season at the Met.

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