Original Air Date: 01/27/2001
Levine; Voigt, Pavarotti, Borodina, Delavan, Bezzubenkov
MOD Audio SID.19060744
This performance commemorates the centenary of Verdi’s death, and except for the plush offered by Borodina, there is not much here. This is where I first started to hear real stylistic limitations in Voigt’s performances (well before the surgery), but as I am preparing this, it is really quite remarkable that Pavarotti is out there at the age of 66 (!!!) as Radames. The visual was supposedly very compromised, but my memory from the radio was OK, not more, but Giovanni Martinelli (KING of Radames with 123 Met performances from 1915-1943!!!!!! was only 58 at his last Met effort) I’ll give Pavarotti another listen.

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