Original Air Date: 01/22/1972
Pritchard; Zylis- Gara, Bottazzo, Elias, Uppman, Stratas, Berry
MOD Audio SID.19250321
This is the first season Cosi returns to the original Italian at the Met, but still retains the Lunt/Gerard production. Pritchard is an experienced Mozartean, if rarely to my taste. Stratas is sharp casting for Despina, and nice to see Berry in a congenial part.This is Vickers’ first of four Otello broadcasts and in the Zeffirelli production new the previous year. This is Levine’s first season out in Otello, and Quilico is a familiar figure with a voice well suited to Verdi baritone roles– in an era of Merrill, MacNeil, and Milnes, Quilico doesn’t seem so top tier. Among today’s baritones he sings the pants off of any of them

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