Original Air Date: 02/15/1975
Ehrling; McIntyre, Dunn, Peterson, Rintzler, Rundgren, Macurdy
This performance marks Donald McIntyre’s Met debut (broadcast debuts are not so common) and the farewell of Glade Peterson who had made his debut as Loge five days before. McIntyre would be the main reason for listening, but he has the Chereau Ring from Bayreuth three years later on video. I saw the 1978 Chereau Ring live, and he was definitely one of the brightest elements. 6/6/12 – This is only a three performance outing this week where McIntyre is the only real point of distinction. Not awful, but what’s the point? 6/22/11 – The cream of this 1975 cycle were the Nilsson parts of the Ring. Nothing especially remarkable here.

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