Original Air Date: 12/17/1966
Böhm; Rysanek, King, Ludwig, Berry, Dalis
MOD Audio SID.19160212
This is the Met broadcast premiere of one of Strauss’ greatest works. I went to a performance a few weeks earlier in the gala opening weeks of the Met’s Lincoln Center house. Hearing the performance almost five decades later it still holds up as one of the great ensemble and individual performance efforts in Met history. All of the singers are excellent, and for radio only, the voice that makes the best effect is Walter Berry. His work may be less well known to newer opera-goers, but for my money he is my favorite Barak on disc or in the theatre. FiDi was by all accounts quite memorable in the theatre, but I never saw him in the role. This performance really belongs in the Met Opera on Demand (MOoD) series as well, but for the moment it is now being issued as part of the Met at Lincoln Center 50th anniversary CD box.

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