Original Air Date: 02/04/1961
Cleva; Corelli, Price, Dalis, Sereni, Wilderman
MOD Audio SID.19170426
This is now on Sony Historic CD as well as MOoD. Only a few weeks after Corelli and Price’s joint debut, the electricity is still firmly in place. Merrill was the scheduled Luna, but a snowstorm kept him stranded in New Rochelle. Dalis is not Simionato or Barbieri, but very musical and she is not a potted plant. This performance comes from the debut season of both Corelli and Price, and why they were such a sensation is clear from this broadcast. It’s also available in Sony Classical’s Historic Met CD series. Sereni and Dalis hold up their end (Sereni was a replacement for Merrill who was trapped in a snowstorm in New Rochelle) and Verdi is well served.

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