2019-06-20 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm America/New York Timezone

LA GIOCONDA:Ponchielli
Original Air Date: 04/15/1967
Cleva; Tebaldi, Morell, MacNeil, Elias, Siepi
This is Tebaldi’s first Gioconda broadcast (first season at Lincoln Center) and her final Gioconda is broadcast a year later. Both performances are available on Met Player. The second is arguably even more strongly cast– Bergonzi and Cossotto are just about the classiest Enzo and Laura you’ll ever hear, but for Tebaldi that broadcast comes after more than 30 Giocondas in something like 20 months. The wear and tear shows in that later broadcast, but both are available for comparison. Such hearty casting is impossible for this or many other Italian late 19th century works today. For some of us Gioconda with this kind of cast has plenty of rewards, for the rest of you there’s another playing of Moses und Aron.

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