Original Air Date: 01/22/1949
Antonicelli; Steber, Di Stefano, Merrill
MOD Audio SID.19250423
Steber has her only broadcast of Violetta (late replacement for Sayao), and is clearly in top form and vocally and musically this is one of the best. DiStefano is more promising of tone than execution. It’s his first time at the Met in the part, and he only has seven more, the last in 1952. Merrill is in one of his signature parts, and the voice is truly a “wall of beautiful sound”. Paul Jackson in volume 1 of his 3 volume annotated coverage of Met broadcasts gives a very detailed review of this performance and is particularly enthusiastic on Steber “glorious from start to finish and one of the finest in [Met] broadcast history”and Antonicelli.

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