Original Air Date: 02/21/1959
Leinsdorf; Warren, Rysanek, Hines, Bergonzi
MOD Audio SID.19160316
This is the Met premiere broadcast of Macbeth, and at least three of the principals are as good as you’re going to get. Mitropoulos was originally scheduled for this production but because of health problems it moved on to Leinsdorf. It’s a loss, but Rysanek more than holds up her end. This performance is also on Met Player for regular listening. Only the second year broadcast from 1960 has not appeared on Sirius (Barioni for Bergonzi) and it also has the duet on the heath cut. Still it would be interesting to hear as the contemporary reviews found the performance even better integrated. This cast was recorded by RCA shortly after the premiere, and this broadcast is available on Met Player. Very solid casting from top to bottom. Bergonzi really is luxury casting singing one of the great Verdi tenor arias, Ah, la paterna mano. Highly recommended.

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