2019-04-24 @ 9:00 pm – 11:55 pm America/New York Timezone

Original Air Date: 03/07/1981
Davis; Jones, Cassilly, Dunn, Weikl, Jenkins
This is Jones’ only Met broadcast as the Judaean princess. Her singing in this period could be variable, and in the house, she was compelling. Over the airwaves can be another matter– on Sirius wasn’t very pleased with her. Jones’ Salome in the house seemed OK, but broadcast scrutiny was not flattering. There is a Hamburg recording with Jones Cassilly, and Dunn repeating their roles with Fischer-Dieskau. Weikl is very good here from the Met, but there are much better Salomes out there than this. This performance is rotated with some frequency, but I am not sure why. To me there are at least four more outstanding broadcasts and only the 1949 Welitsch under Reiner is missing from the Sirius playlist. 1965 Nilsson with Bohm is a stunning performance and it’s also in MOoD for USA listeners (saw her also in concert with Chicago Symphony and Solti which was even more blistering (and better brass); 1989 Marton with Janowski is an excellent performance as is the 2004 Mattila under Gergiev (the HD 3 years later is not in the same league just as happened with Welitsch in 1952). Though esteemed singers Behrens is too late at the Met, Rysanek is not her usual best Strauss form with either Bohm or Leinsdorf, but Stolze and Dalis feature a level of depravity in the 1972 Bohm performance one never forgets. I rather like Bumbry’s 1974 broadcast with Levine also in MOoD but not quite the stellar level. Two notable Salomes have also been on the Met airwaves, but not rebroadcast on Sirius, both with Mitropoulos– Christel Goltz and in 1958 Inge Borkh (who is still with us!!!!)

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