Original Air Date: 02/16/1957
Stiedry; Windgassen, Mödl, Edelmann, Madeira, Kelley, Pechner
This is one of Windgassen’s two Met broadcasts (Gotterdammerung two weeks later is the other). The winter of 1957 is his only time at the Met (scheduled for Tannhauser in 1966 but did not appear) and did 7 Ring appearances over a two month period. He is arguably the best postwar Siegfried after Melchior. This is a brisk performance. Modl does the best she can, but New York wanted Flagstad, Traubel, or Nilsson. I’ve listened to large chunks of this performance several times on Sirius, and I enjoy it. It’s not one for the pantheon. This is on regularly, but not excessively. Edelmann is not ideal as the Wanderer, but this is Modl’s only appearance on the Met airwaves. In addition to the three Brunnhildes, she also did Isolde and Kundry in her three Met seasons. Almost everyone whoever saw her never forgot her. Audio only encounters are sometimes more of a mixed bag.

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