Original Air Date: 12/17/1960
Solti; Hopf, Rysanek, Dalis, Prey, Hines
This is the first Tannhauser of the season and marks the house debuts of both Prey and Solti. Hopf is not for everyone, but this is a thrilling broadcast with fine work from all, and first appearance of the Paris version of Tannhauser, which Levine continued when the new production debuted in 1977. 1965-66 is the only season with the Dresden version after 1954-55. 10/15/12 – This was the double debut of Solti and Hermann Prey, and the first performance of the season. This was the beginning of a dustup between Rysanek and Solti and when the cast started revolving with three Elisabeths (Rysanek, De Los Angeles, Nilsson), three Wolframs (Prey, Cassel, Wachter), three Venuses (Dalis, Dunn, Harshaw), with only Hopf and Hines staying intact, Solti left after the De Los Angeles performance. His conducting is of a high order and despite the contretemps, Rysanek gives her all. This performance is on MOoD, and is highly recommended. 3/26/12 – This is the first Tannhauser of the season, the Met debuts of Solti and Prey, and the first appearance of the Paris version in post WW2 Met revivals. The Met reverts back to Dresden 5 seasons later when Nilsson doubles both roles, and Windgassen is a late cancellation not well replaced. One Levine comes in with the new production in 1977, it is Paris all the way. All the singers are major German repertory singers. Hopf was pleading a cold that day as well. This is available on MOoD (Met Opera on Demand formerly MetPlayer) as well.

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