2019-09-12 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm America/New York Timezone

Original Air Date: 04/17/1982
Levine; Hofmann, Dunn, Stewart, Hines, Meredith
MOD Audio SID.19370426
The main claim to fame is the superb sound of the orchestra. Vocally Levine has better casts, and the failure to bring to Sirius the 1985 broadcast with Vickers, Rysanek, and Moll is very surprising; it has been issued as a Met premium CD. This is the 4th of Levine’s 12 Parsifal broadcasts, and is available like three others in MOoD. Hofmann was certainly effective in the theatre, but I prefer Vickers (esp. the 1985 with Rysanek) or Domingo (with Gwyneth Jones’ farewell from 1995 with PD). Stewart is an excellent Amfortas, but I like a voice a bit smoother than Hines– Siepi or Moll. For Dunn, some of the second act writing is very challenging.

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