Original Air Date: 02/14/2004
Jurowski; Domingo, Dalayman, Palmer, Chernov, Zaremba, Putilin
This is Domingo’s last round out as Gherman, which seemed like yesterday but is now over a decade gone. Jurowski is an interesting conductor and I like Dalayman’s Lisa. Chernov does not have the finish of Hvorostovsky, but it all depends on one’s reaction to Domingo’s Gherman. This is Domingo’s second Gherman, and I much prefer Palmer to Soderstrom and Dalayman to Gorchakova. This is late Chernov, and I must take a listen to see how he is. Jurowski is a top drawer conductor in my view. Not a short work, but a lot of thrilling music. I like Jurowski very much as a conductor, and the cast is not without interest. It’s a shame the first year of the production with Mattila and Heppner at their peak and the final role at the Met for Rysanek, that no broadcast exists– one of the many reasons I love the live Sirius three times a week.

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