OoS Update : Week 11 / 2019


Thursday – 03/14/2019 – 8 pm EDT
Jordan; Harmer, Barton, Cargill, Ernst, Siegel,
Grimsley, Konieczny, Groissböck, Belosselskiy

Wagner’s visionary initial installment of the Ring Cycle depicts the original sin of the theft of the sacred golden treasure, the vanity of the gods, the greed of the Nibelungen, the fratricide of the giants, and the building of Valhalla. Bass-baritone Greer Grimsley and baritone Michael Volle share the role of Wotan, the conflicted lord of the gods. Mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton sings her first Wagner role at the Met as Wotan’s embattled wife, Fricka.
In collaboration with Ex Machina

Saturday – 03/16/2019 – 1 pm EDT
Farnes; Schultz, Pérez, Lemieux, Johnson Cano, Demuro,
Maestri, Rodríguez

Baritone Ambrogio Maestri brings his larger-than-life portrayal of the title role back for the first time since his Met role debut in the 2013–14 season. Robert Carsen’s insightful production—which moves the action to postwar England in the 1950s—features an exceptional cast that includes soprano Ailyn Pérez as Alice Ford and soprano Golda Schultz as Nannetta.



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