Tips for Navigating Website

Expanding records
Records can be expanded to a full-page detail view that lets you see all of the information in all of the fields for a single record.

How to expand a record
While in a grid view, you can expand a record (row) by clicking the circular expand button to the left of the record, which appears when you mouse over a record. You can also expand a record by pressing the space bar when a cell is selected.

Inside an expanded record
An expanded record shows all of the information in all of the fields for a particular record.

If you’re looking at an expanded record while in a view with hidden fields, those fields will be hidden at the bottom of the record by default, but you can expand them to take a closer look by clicking on the X hidden fields dropdown.

From within an expanded record, you can switch to the next record or previous record either by using the up and down arrows at the top of the expanded record, or use the keyboard shortcuts CtrlShift< and CtrlShift>.



Expanding cells
You can expand an individual cell to show all its contents in greater detail.

When any cell is selected, use the keyboard shortcut ShiftSpace to open up a larger version of that cell. Certain field types (like attachment, linked record, and long text) will also automatically show a button that can be clicked to expand the cell.

From within an expanded cell, you can use the arrow keys to navigate through expanded versions of all the cells in the table. This can make reading through a column of long text fields a whole lot easier.

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